The reason that WAFFALLONIA exists.  
Liège  -  $3.50

Liège - $3.50

The original sugar waffle from the city of Liège. Fresh, quality ingredients and our painstaking preparation result in this soft and chewy dough. Pearl sugar adds that delectable crunchy sweetness. This is the go-to waffle in Belgium and is the best option to find out why these waffles are better than any other you've had before.

Get creative and make your own waffle by adding any of our listed toppings.

Waffle Toppings

Whipped Cream $0.56
Homemade whipped cream
Fresh Berries $1.25
Fresh strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries
Bananas $1.00
Freshly sliced bananas
Spreads $1.00

Nutella or Speculoos cookie butter

Sauces $1.00

Belgian chocolate or Belgian dark chocolate shell

Ice Cream $2.43
Available flavors of Dave & Andy's ice cream
Antwerp  -  $5.93

Antwerp - $5.93

The Antwerp starts with the original sugar waffle. Next add your choice of Dave & Andy's ice cream. Select a classic - Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Strawberry - or try one of the special Waffallonia flavors - Nutella and Speculoos. To finish it off, our homemade Belgian chocolate syrup is drizzled on top.

Bruges  -  $4.91

Bruges - $4.91

This type of waffle is a staple on menus all over, but this is no ordinary breakfast option. Waffallonia's fresh strawberries are sliced daily and our homemade whipped cream beats anything from a can. And as always, the base of this delicious treat is a genuine Belgian sugar waffle - not some pre-made batter cooked in an ordinary iron.

Charleroi -  $5.98

Charleroi - $5.98

The Charleroi starts with the authentic Belgian sugar waffle. Next is a thick layer of Nutella hazelnut spread. A handy slicer lets us add the bananas right in front of you. Finally, fresh strawberries are piled on top. If you're having trouble deciding which waffle to choose, the Charleroi is a fantastic way to sample several of our delicious toppings.

Namur  - $5.05

Namur - $5.05

What tastes better together than fresh bananas and creamy Nutella?

Fresh bananas and creamy Nutella on a Belgian sugar waffle! Usually reserved as filling for a French crèpe, this combination is perfectly balanced by the sweet waffle below. If you've got the willpower, wait a few seconds for the warm waffle to melt the Nutella to the perfect consistency.

Ghent  -  $5.05

Ghent - $5.05

The most asked question in Waffallonia... what is speculoos spread?  Speculoos is a type of Belgian spiced shortbread cookie sold as Biscoff in the USA.  These traditional cookies are now made into a cookie butter that is absolutely amazing spread across a warm waffle and topped with fresh bananas.  If you're not a big fan of chocolate, this is a great alternative to the Namur waffle.

Waffallonia  -  $6.75

Waffallonia - $6.75

The waffle so good, a (fictional) city was named after it.  This eponymous option allows you to choose any toppings your waffle-loving heart desires without the sticker shock - we will adjust the portions of toppings accordingly.


Some places like to put a bunch of things on top or around their milkshakes to make them look better.
At WAFFALLONIA, we put all the delicious things INSIDE the shakes to make them TASTE better!
Original Milkshake - $5.75

Original Milkshake - $5.75

Who knew that the best milkshakes around are made at a Belgian waffle shop? You do now! We've been mixing perfectly thick, creamy milkshakes since the very beginning. Choose your favorite Dave & Andy's ice cream flavor and even add some waffle toppings to mix in. 

S'mores - $6.75

S'mores - $6.75

At Waffallonia we know that a toasted (not raw or burnt) marshmallow is the key to this perfect representation of a s'more. Our creamy speculoos ice cream serves as the graham cracker, and a few pips of a Hershey bar make you feel like your sitting by the camp fire.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry - $6.25

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry - $6.25

The strawberry chunks in our strawberry ice cream are accentuated by bits of our Belgian dark shell chocolate which hardens when it hits the cold ice cream.  Our mixer then blasts it into delectable morsels which give this shake a bit of texture.

Banana Pudding - $6.75

Banana Pudding - $6.75

The little black specks of vanilla bean in the ice cream for this shake let you know that it's the real deal.  We add a scoop of speculoos cookie butter and some sliced bananas and the transformation is complete - banana pudding in a thick, creamy shake.

Speculoos Cookies & Cream - $6.25

Speculoos Cookies & Cream - $6.25

Waffallonia's interpretation of the classic cookies & cream - Dave & Andy's sweet cream ice cream with Biscoff speculoos cookies mixed in.

Mint Chocolate - $6.75

Mint Chocolate - $6.75

A chocolate ice cream base with added peppermint and house made Belgian dark chocolate ganache to give an extra kick.  


Do you have a group of hungry waffle lovers to feed?  Or want to make a great impression with a better treat than regular, old doughnuts or bagels?  We've got several package options depending on how many people you're looking to serve.
4 Waffle Pack - $14 (incl. tax)

4 Waffle Pack - $14 (incl. tax)

4 Liège Waffles

A box of 4 original sugar waffles.  Perfect for sharing - or not.  Eat them plain as the Belgians intended, or pick up some sides of toppings to make your own at home.

24 Party Pack - $38.00

24 Party Pack - $38.00

24 half-sized waffles + 3 spreads

Each half-sized waffle is approximately equivalent to a typical doughnut.  This Party Pack is recommended for feeding 12 to 16 people.

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