The Liège waffle is the most popular waffle in Belgium, yet you've probably never eaten one or even known that they existed. Now you are able to experience what the Belgians have been keeping to themselves for more than 200 years. Waffallonia is an authentic Liège Waffle Station bringing this delicious treat directly to you in Pittsburgh.  

So what makes this waffle so special? Unlike the Belgian waffles found in America, this one is not confined only to the breakfast table. In fact, the Liège waffle is the perfect walking snack which can be eaten any time of day. The yeasted dough is made from scratch out of the best quality ingredients - including pearl sugar imported from Belgium. It is this special sugar that gives the Liège waffle its distinctive flavor and texture. When cooked in a heavy-duty cast iron griddle, the sugar nibs carmelize and create a sweet & crunchy outer shell which envelops the doughy waffle within. 

Liège waffles are absolutely fantastic just as they come off the iron, but a variety of toppings only make them better. Waffallonia offers ice cream, fresh fruit, Belgian chocolate, fresh whipped cream, Nutella and speculoos spread - another import from Belgium - so that you can create your own favorite combination. Nothing is better than eating a fresh waffle with your favorite toppings while taking a stroll through Squirrel Hill or Oakland and with our new Knork utensils, it's easier than ever to eat on the go.  Grab one on your way to class or the office; stop by with your date or a group of friends; or plan a picnic in the park with a waffle and a Belgian hot chocolate.

Waffallonia is now open so stop in to try an authentic Liège waffles just like those found on the streets of Brussels, Antwerp, Namur, Bruges, and of course Liège. 
1709 Murray Ave, Pittsburgh, PA  | | call: (412) 521-4902